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JIA by OCK x Kevala Ceramic

Piring Gado-gado

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Riak plate by Jia by OCK x Kevala Ceramics.


RIAK is a range of crockery that fits the lifestyle of living and eating habits in Asia. As Indonesian and Asian, we loved our foods, so many various authentic foods that are originated from different corners of this country, not to mention ‘Jajan’ which each region has its claim to fame.

Bowl as shape seems the most sense as it works for sauces and soups. Bowl also holds dearly in our creative director’s psyche. Being a Chinese descent, his family times eating together on special occasions always marked by eating with bowls and chopsticks. The shapes of the bowls purposely stay true to strong oriental silhouettes. The glazes however are the results of hours of experimentations. It stems from the idea of a moment in time, a chance, and beauty in numerous chaos probabilities. The glaze patterns created will always be different each time. It is about capturing the flow of glazes and water together in harmony with the motion of the artisan’s hands. The interpretation of each artist is reflected in these of a kind piece. It truly is a choreography of movement. Thus, RIAK.

Riak is the first artisanal collaboration between Budiman Ong, the creative director of JiabyOCK, and Wendy Jane Thomas, the founder of Kevala Ceramics.

Piring Gado-gadoPiring Gado-gadoPiring Gado-gadoPiring Gado-gadoPiring Gado-gado