Creatively connecting Communities - by Jia.
A long, immersive weekend of art, culture, space, tastes & performances will happen at Plataran Canggu on 1st to 3rd July 2022.

This is an initiative by the founder of Jia by OCK, Budiman Ong and
Rudi Winata with an avid textile collector, Yang Yang Hartono -
an inclusive crafting movement under one roof.

The team believes Jiā (Chinese word for home) is a sanctuary of personality. We feel like home is more than the products, it is
the story behind, food, music, mindful experiences will add to
the growth of a home. This is the red line that we use to
conceptualize our festival. Design for us is to ease the lifestyle
and solving the challenges that current living situation created
while at the same time respecting the traditional crafts our
forefathers have passed down for generations.

Each brand has different stories to tell: who they are, their histories and philosophies. These are what we are interested in and these are the main criteria that guide us when selecting products and brands.

Jia Curated Kiosks will showcase well above 30 wholesome
homeware brands. We embrace collaborative value, welcome many makers and brands, at the festival, there will be artisanal workshops: female form ceramic workshops with Kevala;
candle making workshop with Umah Living;
sketching session with Sketchy Tuesday to name a few.

We are aware the importance of sustaining the creative ecosystem
in Indonesia by having this initiative to curate and introduce the well-made handcrafted products to the right target markets.
This will be the first festival in Indonesia to focus only on home
decoration of local hand-made items. One of our dreams is helping small local homeware brands establishing their identity and as
a market entry for their brands whether is B to C or B to B.

We have also enlisted the cultural and artisanal performances during the three-day event as follow; Gamelan performance by prominent gamelan maestro, I Made Subandi; Wayang Bali Performance by an eleven year-old Balinese boy, Cok Damar; Acoustic folk with
Catnip Biscuit; Old school funk with Ika & the soul brothers and
many more.

Last but not least, there will be 30 food and beverage brands at Jia Curated Kiosks. Bali phoenix, Biku, Kura kura beer, Karusotju, lena’s kitchen, Sababay, Savory Pasticceria, Tirtha Uluwatu and more.

We have chosen Plataran resort in Canggu for this festival, more than 1000m2 outdoor and semi outdoor labyrinth-like space, which
designed by the late renowned landscape artist, Made Wijaya.
We love this space as the backdrop of our event as it will allow
guests to wonder from 250-year-old joglo to antique carved
doorways. This rich Indonesia architectural heritage is perfect
and will add to visitors’ experiences.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, Samantha, +6281266885591, jiabyock@gmail.com